Monte Mai is a Swiss Grenadian psychedelic pop trio.

Formed in 2020 by vocalist Anais Schmidt (Grenada),
vocalist and guitar wizard Fabio Pinto (Switzerland)
and bassist Fabio Besomi (Switzerland).
This unique encounter between Swiss precision
and Caribbean freschezza echoes in Monte Mai’s music.

A skilled blend of dilated melodies, angelic voices
and punching electronic beats are portrayed in sheer harmony.
A proper balance between man and electronic soul.
The composition and production is stunningly accurate
and wonderfully unpredictable, as they sway from minimalistic
to jammed full soundscapes with inventiveness and bloom.

Debut album "Eye Sea Double" to be released February 3th 2023
via Il Domani and On The Camper Records.

fabio pinto | voice, guitar
fabio besomi | bass, synth, electronics
anaïs schmidt | voice, synth